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40 45' 32.0256’’ N73 59' 6.4680’’ W


Student Cultural
Novi Sad Serbia


This project is based on research of geographic locations, that
nowadays can be categorized as non-place*. Using substitution in
image editing, the position of abstract forms and their correlation with
a given architectural environment are defined. The artwork explores
ways of recognizing and categorizing key visual elements that
influence the creation and interpretation of urban environments. In
which places, as well as non-places, is the process of development
and transfer of information that forms the visual perception of the
How does new technology use our movement through physical and
virtual "places" and how do we identify with spatial and temporal
localized culture?
* “[...] is expressed in changes of scale, in the proliferation of imaged
and imaginary references, and in the spectacular acceleration of
means of transport. Its concrete outcome involves considerable
modifications: urban concentrations, movements of population and
the multiplication of what we call 'non-places', in opposition to the
sociological notion of place, associated by Mauss and a whole
ethnological tradition with the idea of a culture localized [sic] in time
and space. “(Augé 1995: 34)

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