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Childhood in the Future


Exhibition "Organs and Organisms"
Museum of contemporary
art of Vojvodina
Novi Sad, Serbia


The interactive installation "Childhood in the Future" analyzes the qualities of the children's skipping rope game. A simple and widely known game has been an inalienable part of the childhood of past generations. Concept of game is deconstructed into three basic segments that are common to the real and virtual world:

-projection (picture);
-movement (mechanical rotation of the rope);
-space (artificial grass surface);

The action in the marked physical field is transposed into the
virtual space through the evident effect in the material. Vibration as a product of movement, a jump into space on an artificial surface deforms the projection depending on the intensity. Imposed content in the post-digital age tends to isolate the individual from the original habitat, leading to a loss of need for socialization and physical movement. The new age problem of frequent simulations is examined through an interactive installation, focusing on changes in the observation of reality and re-examining the credibility of the material environment. Will future generations be able to distinguish reality from MR or VR?

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