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Art Body
SULUV Gallery
Novi Sad Serbia


The construction of being in post-digital time examines the unconscious search for personal reflection on reflective surfaces from the environment. The interactive mirror, by rotating and changing the angle, makes it impossible for the observer to notice his own reflection in the object. This approach impulsively stimulates the thought of defining a new form self-perception and positioning of the self on the horizon of events, in which we are evidently integrated. In line with technological advances, the perception of reflection is increasingly influenced by the social media and virtual spaces. It is impossible to separate reality from human action, because it is precisely the need to participate in it that is a confirmation of presence in a given time and space. The observation of reflection is a moment of self-discovery in a virtual environment that has no foothold in the physical, but therefore functions as an imaginary space for the formation and creation of identity.

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