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Step into the virtual

A series of video works Digitopia, Virtual Paradise explores the visual aspects of perception of the public city space, which, due to the impact of new technologies, pass through a transition that has a significant impact on our lives. A digital map makes easier to orientate and understand the current path, but in that case, there is a intertwining of physical and virtual space. In a desire to understand the place that I use, as a foreign student, I focus on finding a gap in given time and space. 

nemam pojma_edited.jpg

“The power of imagination allows us to conjure up cities with our mind`s eye- imaginary cities that are based on what is familiar to us or stem from our dreams and wishes. By transferring these flights of imagination to images, it is possible to reveal the potential, interests, and motivation on which an urban design is based. In addition, images can also serve as useful tools for meditating and reaching consensus during an urban design process“

Kovari Thomas (2005–2014) Imagination, The City as Resource Texts and Projects – ETH Zurich

Porto, A virtual Paradise, video installation 2019

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